Donny tuin

Onek helmets

Elegance chamude


  • Elegant outside in a luxury suede fabric

  • Classic shape with a traditional brim


Defender pro



  • Follows new trend with wide brim
  • Soft matt paint outside



  • Classic shape with traditional brim
  • Soft matt paint outside
  • Ventilation of both sides of the helmet for exra ventilation and a sporty look


Characteristics of the OneK convertivle:


  • Switchable tops, rails and fronts
  • Available in chamude, matt and gloss
  • Available in Defender and Avancé style


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OneK is an upcoming helmet brand that was already the most sold item in the U.S. in 2017.





OneK has everything you're looking for!

- A chique design

- A nice fit

- Excellent quality

- Beautiful and innovative aspects

- Safety approvals

- Very good pricing